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Monday, March 15, 2010

VaYikrah (Leviticus)

This is the first parasha (portion) of the third book of the Torah.  The book is called VaYikrah in Hebrew, Leviticus in English.  It's right in the middle of the five books.  Breysheet (Genesis) was mostly about the creation of the world and the first Jewish family - the family of Avraham.  The second book, Shmot (Exodus), was mostly about being in Egypt, coming out of Egypt and receiving the Ten Commandments.  At the end of Shmot the people of Israel were in the desert.

  1. What do you expect this next book will be about?  Why?
  2. A big part of this week's parasha tells the people what they are supposed to do if they do something wrong by mistake, without knowing it was wrong.  Think of at least one good reason there should be consequences if you do something wrong by mistake.  What do you think the consequence should be?
  3. The commandments in this parasha are about sacrificing animals in the Temple in Jerusalem.  Today there are no sacrifices, and most Jews don't expect there ever will be again.  So why do you think we are still reading about sacrifices today?  

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