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Monday, December 20, 2010


When the family of Yaakov first came to Egypt, they were greeted warmly by the Par'o - the ruler.  In fact, they were given choice grazing land for their animals and treated in some ways better than the native Egyptians at the time.

They were lucky enough to thrive in this new country - their numbers increased and the wealth also.  In fact, after some 400 years they were so numerous and powerful that the Par'o at the time began to get nervous.  He began to see them as a threat.

  • Why do you think he felt that way?

When a new family moves into a community, what usually happens?  Does it matter who the new people are?  Who the established residents are?

  • Were you ever the 'new kid' in a school?  
  • What was it like?  
  • Were there a lot of other Jewish kids in the school?  
  • Did that make any difference to you?
  • How do you act when a 'new kid' moves in to your neighborhood?  Why?

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